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Class Descriptions

Awaken your mind and body by moving through a series of sun salutations and stretches. You'll leave class feeling energized and focused. Great for all levels.

Sunset Yoga

Relax your mind and body by moving slowly through gentle sun salutations, stretching, and enjoy an extended savasana. Great for all levels.

Yoga at Home

Connect with other expectant mothers in our group sessions, breathe, stretch, and build strength throughout your pregnancy. This class is for women at all stages of pregnancy who have confirmed with their healthcare provider that prenatal yoga is a good choice for them.

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Baby and Me Yoga is a fun way to get your workout in while engaging and spending time with your little one. This is a Postnatal Yoga class where you will move through a series of postures that will help you regain strength after having a baby. Option to practice without your baby or bring your baby to practice with you - the choice is yours!

Staying Fit

A perfect blend of gentle movement and powerful strength building. This class is great for those who enjoy a medium-paced flow and are looking for the sweet spot between gentle and power yoga. Great for intermediate levels.

Practising Yoga

Build strength and energy by moving through a series of fast-paced sun salutations and strength building postures. Great for intermediate and advanced levels.

Yoga Pose
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